Cayena Blanca’s history.

Born of architect parents in Venezuela,  grew up in a highly stimulating and creative environment, surrounded by references from the Bauhaus to Cruz-Diez. It is in this tropical country, a landscape with flying macaws and ancient tepuis, where Maria gathers the raw material of her inspiration. A passion that let her combine spectacular nature with the convenience of graphic design, which she concluded as a career in college and introduce her to a new professional world.

Surreal flowers, begins translating her fetish for colour, her passion for  textures and shapes that together recreated at different scales and in various print formats,a mixture of colours and textures molded to a style that is beyond labels.

Later, Maria specialises in textile design, a natural step that made her leave her hometown Maracaibo for Madrid, a second home and where she formed her own studio. After seven years studying, working and developing her style in Madrid, Maria moved her epicenter to Barcelona where she opened her first showroom and workshop, in the magical neighbourhood of Gracia and at the same street of the recently opened to the public Gaudi´s Casa Vicens. A very special place from where she answers emails , work on budgets, produces and supervises all her products and artwork, surrounded by a army of drafts, sketches, books, magazines, photographs and hard drives. Thanks to her dedication Maria currently has a portfolio of international clients including  DENY designs, Museo worth La Rioja, Prints of Orange, Ag Gallery, Madrid Fashion week among others.