I´ve always wanted to visit Portugal and this summer I finally got the chance to visit this beautiful country. Of course I was drawn by the amazing tiles, colours and warmth people and I was not disappointed! We spent two days is Lisboa and four nights driving through the Algarve and it´s beautiful beaches. The food was incredible ( I love seafood ) and the people, Oh the people, so warmth and welcoming. Besides tiles and patterns I´ve always been a door lover, when I visited Ibiza a few years ago I also did my own Door collage, I just love them, these colours that I found in Bairro Alto, Lisboa I just Loved.Soaps are very popular too in Portugal, you can find a large variety of regional brands with the most rich fragrances and some beautiful packaging designs, I spent my souvenir budget buying soaps! Last but not least you can spot on the last pic an advance of the new illustrated necklaces collection soon available at the store.

Happy summer everyone!





I am so proud to be working in this partnership, Jess & Jules started their journey to bring customers unique products to create fun and bespoke homes a few years ago. All their furniture, kits and components are designed by Jules and with a small team of local manufacturers are produced in the East of England. I was one of the first designers licensing my fabric designs with them, It was a first step to bringing together inventive, detailed and custom furniture with beautiful surface and textile designs. I love these two ladies! They are super fun and easy to work with, and they are very hard workers. You can browse all my fabric designs at their galley among other super talented designers. They also have a very cool section where you can find special pieces of furniture, workshops and a really interesting section with tips for a DIY upholstery project! Visit their website to learn all about it!

New store and Workshop Cayena Blanca

New store and Workshop







This year has been hard! I know we are only at the beginning of March but Ouch! It is very hard to follow your dreams, life can be very pricy and some times you wonder if it´s all worth it. I was thinking about taking a break from this amazing project that has been Cayena Blanca, but instad I said to myself, let try it harder. So I rented a new space in the lovely neighbourhood of Gracia, I´m sharing a store and a Workshop with two artisans from Argentina and I feel like I really needed this change in my life. I´ve been working from home for the last years, and I was so scare to live my confort zone, but the truth is that I have all this machines and treasures I´ve been collecting for the last years that my space was getting smaller and smaller!

Anyways, if you are in the neighbourhood and want to say hi please come by! We are open from Monday – Saturday and the hours are Mornings from 10-2 pm and afternoons from 4-8 pm

Studio Life - Cayenablaca

Studio Life



My studio is my special place, I love to be surrounded with treasures from trips, sketches, photos, plants. I believe in the importance of creating a safe space where you can be yourself and be in peace, be creative. When I was a teenager I used to redecorate my room a lot, every time we went on a family vacation I would collect treasures: postcards, newspapers, posters, books, candles anything that would bring a part of that experience with me back home. Now as an adult I keep building a space in my home where I feel safe and inspired.

Photos by Maria Daniela Quirós

Illustrated Jewelry Lookbook - Cayenablanca

Illustrated Jewelry Lookbook

CayenaBlanca-LookBook1CayenaBlanca-LookBook2 CayenaBlanca-LookBook3 CayenaBlanca-LookBook4 CayenaBlanca-LookBook5 CayenaBlanca-LookBook6 CayenaBlanca-LookBook7 CayenaBlanca-LookBook8 CayenaBlanca-LookBook9 CayenaBlanca-LookBook10cayenablanca





For the look book of my new illustrated accessories I had the opportunity to work with two brands I love from Venezuela, my home country. The photos are by Juan de los Mares and the styling by Oh!Nena. We worked at my house and around the neighbourhood

I love the result of the work, I feel it represents the spirit behind the pieces. A strong personality and vibrant colours.


Para las fotos de mi nueva colección de accesorios ilustrados tuve la oportunidad de trabajar con proyectos de artistas Venezolanos a los que admiro mucho. Las fotos son por Juan de los Mares y el styling por Oh!Nena. Me encanta el resultado, siento que representa el espíritu detrás de la colección. Piezas con personalidad y colores vibrantes.

November Wallpapers



The November Wallpapers are now available for FREE download at the shop! If you have any questions regarding how to download your wallpaper please contact us, we are happy to assist you! Have a great month everyone!

* NEW * The new 2016 calendar collection

Los wallpapers para el mes de Noviembre ya están disponibles para descargar GRATIS en mi tienda online. Si tienes alguna duda de como descargarlos envíanos un mail y te ayudamos. ¡ Feliz Mes a todos !

* NUEVO * Ya están disponibles los calendarios para el 2016 en la tienda online.


Calendar 2016

Calendar 2016

Calendario-wallPlanner july inside-calendar3 december Calendario-face Calendar-desktop


The New 2016 calendar collection is now available at the shop. For this year´s artwork I Tried to limited the colour use one each month, I wanted to use background plain colours instead of the white background I usually use. Also for this year besides the desktop and wall calendar, a new wall planner is available.

September Wallpaper

September Wallpaper

We have new website * Yay * and a new way to download the monthly wallpaper, you can try it here

You can choose your size and language, and have it on your screen in a minute! Let me know what you think,

Have a wonderful month everyone!


Tenemos nueva web * emoción * y una nueva manera de descargarlo, lo puedes probar aquí

Puedes escoger el tamaño , el idioma y tenerlo en tu pantalla en un minuto.

¡Espero que tengan un mes increíble!


Fairchanges and cayenablanca

Fairchanges and Cayenablanca




FairChanges is a new place for buying and selling responsible items. On FairChanges, the work of small producers gets worldwide relevance.  And local consumption is favored through geolocation of items and users. They have done an amazing job, creating a treasure of good intentions and exquisit image.

In FairChanges you can create your online shop in a very easy way and for free. Be a part of this new project and support  a sustainable, fair and ethical marketplace!

Here you can check my store at Fair changes


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