I´ve always wanted to visit Portugal and this summer I finally got the chance to visit this beautiful country. Of course I was drawn by the amazing tiles, colours and warmth people and I was not disappointed! We spent two days is Lisboa and four nights driving through the Algarve and it´s beautiful beaches. The food was incredible ( I love seafood ) and the people, Oh the people, so warmth and welcoming. Besides tiles and patterns I´ve always been a door lover, when I visited Ibiza a few years ago I also did my own Door collage, I just love them, these colours that I found in Bairro Alto, Lisboa I just Loved.Soaps are very popular too in Portugal, you can find a large variety of regional brands with the most rich fragrances and some beautiful packaging designs, I spent my souvenir budget buying soaps! Last but not least you can spot on the last pic an advance of the new illustrated necklaces collection soon available at the store.

Happy summer everyone!