I´ve always wanted to visit Portugal and this summer I finally got the chance to visit this beautiful country. Of course I was drawn by the amazing tiles, colours and warmth people and I was not disappointed! We spent two days is Lisboa and four nights driving through the Algarve and it´s beautiful beaches.


The food was incredible ( I love seafood ) and the people, Oh the people, so warmth and welcoming. Besides tiles and patterns I´ve always been a door lover, when I visited Ibiza a few years ago I also did my own Door collage, I just love them, these colours that I found in Bairro Alto, Lisboa I just Loved



Soaps are very popular too in Portugal, you can find a large variety of regional brands with the most rich fragrances and some beautiful packaging designs, I spent my souvenir budget buying soaps!


Happy summer everyone!

Studio Life


My studio is my special place, I love to be surrounded with treasures from trips, sketches, photos, plants. I believe in the importance of creating a safe space where you can be yourself and be in peace, be creative.


When I was a teenager I used to redecorate my room a lot, every time we went on a family vacation I would collect treasures: postcards, newspapers, posters, books, candles anything that would bring a part of that experience with me back home.


Now as an adult I keep building a space in my home where I feel safe and inspired.


Photos by Maria Daniela Quirós

Illustrated Jewelry



For the look book of my new illustrated accessories I had the opportunity to work with two brands I love from Venezuela, my home country. The photos are by Juan de los Mares and the styling by Oh!Nena. We worked at my house and around the neighbourhood


CayenaBlanca-LookBook3 CayenaBlanca-LookBook4

I love the result of the work, I feel it represents the spirit behind the pieces. A strong personality and vibrant colours.CayenaBlanca-LookBook5

I love the result of the work, I feel it represents the spirit behind the pieces. A strong personality and vibrant colours.

CayenaBlanca-LookBook6 CayenaBlanca-LookBook7

Para las fotos de mi nueva colección de accesorios ilustrados tuve la oportunidad de trabajar con proyectos de artistas Venezolanos a los que admiro mucho. Las fotos son por Juan de los Mares y el styling por Oh!Nena. Me encanta el resultado, siento que representa el espíritu detrás de la colección. Piezas con personalidad y colores vibrantes.

CayenaBlanca-LookBook8 CayenaBlanca-LookBook9 CayenaBlanca-LookBook10cayenablanca



Calendar 2016

Calendario-wallPlanner  inside-calendar3

The New 2016 calendar collection is now available at the shop. For this year´s artwork I Tried to limited the colour use one each month, I wanted to use background plain colours instead of the white background I usually use.

december Calendario-face Calendar-desktop



Real Jardin Botanico


One of my favourite places in Madrid is the Royal Botanic Gardens. I adore Greenhouses , one in particular: La estufa de Las Palmas.


So when I had the opportunity to be photographed by my good friend and excellent photographer Maria Daniela Quirós of Comitè Fotogràfic this was one of those places where we had to go. I think she did an amazing work  capturing the magic of this place and I feel very lucky to have been part of that experience.


I will upload more photos of project she has made about my work and my study.


Before and After. DIY upholstery project


For some time I wanted to share these “before and after”of my antique chairs upholstered fabrics. The first was a chair that I bought at a flea market for antiques in the Plaza Dos de Mayo  in Malasaña, Madrid. The chair cost me 20 euros, the fabric was given to me by the  instituto Europe di Design, as had been shown at an exhibition of women artists. I took this chair to a tapestry as it also had to change the internal spring. The upholstery cost me 250 euros. It seemed expensive, but the quality shows in the finishes, the chair was spectacular. I treated wood with a wax wood, not wanting to be very shining, I wanted something very natural.


The second chair, I upholster myself. I picked the chair from the street of my home in Malasaña, Madrid. Since I saw it loved it but was in very poor condition. With the help of my husband we disarmed the chair , and we sanded the wood and tried with the same wax that had previous chair, and then I did the liner starting from the lining of the original chair, bought wadding (the foam padding) and a stapler for upholstery, and with a little help I upholster the chair. I really like my new chair, the fabric looks amazing it has a lot of movement. But I notice the difference between the two chairs finished. It’s a job that takes time, effort and sometimes it is better to go professional. But as a personal project is fun!